Joe Baute – March 10, 2020

Joe Baute began working at Markem in 1954. He quickly worked his way up through engineering and management roles to become the first non-family member CEO of the company, and would remain in that position until his retirement in 1993. My classmate Christian Chafla and I had the opportunity to speak with Joe and Stephanie Baute in their Keene household. Excuse the sound of their adorable dog to glean some incites about the environment and management style that led to Markem’s peak employment in 1986.

Joe Baute on the advent of computerized technology and the innovative spirit at Markem.

(Here put Joe Baute talking about variety of products)

Jim Putnam – 2017

Joseph Stallcop interviewed James Putnam and asked him about his life, observations from his time managing Markem, and the reasoning behind its sale to the Dover corporation. Linked below is his website, detailing that experience.

Jim Putnam on the shift in competitive pressure faced by Markem. As global pressure mounted Jim Putnam and his brother needed to make a change to stay ahead in the printing industry.
Jim Putnam attributes the trouble in the industrial sector to inevitable globalization and the US’s lack of adaptation to it.

Mario Sica – 2019

Mario Sica was an engineer and field technician from 1995 to 2017. Jackson Brannen sat down with Mr. Sica in 2019 to ask him about his time at Markem Imaje and what the

Putnam investments
Power of digital