Times Have Changed, Times Stayed the Same

The evolution of Markem-Imaje’s product line from the perspective of the people that worked there.

Though Markem-Imaje still utilizes the same production room as it did 70 years ago, the products that leave have changed greatly. The Markem Corporation was started as a shoe labeling company in 1911. Over the next century Markem would innovate the technologies needed to print on products from pharmaceuticals to electronics. Markem merged with Imaje, owned by the Dover Corporation, in 2007. Today Markem-Imaje is still an industry leader, and produces a sleek product line that can print on just about anything.

Computerization Leads to Printer Adaptability

The first major step to computerization was the transition from manual hot metal setting to mechanical setting. At the time, this drastically improved the efficiency of typesetting.

Joe Baute on the advent of dynamic printing and the innovative spirit at Markem.

However no typesetting system could compare to the reprogramable interfacing technology that software provides.